Wednesday, December 12, 2018

W2CB #60: An Angel? Me?

Hi, everyone! Sybrina here with our last W2CB Challenge of 2018.

In December, it seems all our thoughts -- and actions -- turn to the holidays. While we adults try to cram 30-hours of tasks into 24-hour days, little ones try their very best to be good. With that in mind, this month's words come to us from 11-year-old Kid-Quote-kiddo Benjamin.

I'm an angel at Christmas time, but the rest of the year I'm the real me.

Sound like anyone you know? Let's see what our gals have for us this month. You'll see there are a few angel-specific interpretations, a kitty who just can't be good, a pup trying soooo very hard to be good, and a bunny whose thrown in the trying-to-be-good towel altogether... and is throwing snowballs instead.


Now, it's your turn to share your Benjamin-quote-inspired card/project with us for a chance to win this month's challenge. (And, yes, you can enter non-card projects... like Kristina's beautiful bookmark!) Our winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to the e-tailer of her/his choice.


  1. Ohhh....I absolutely LOVE this theme. I'm making my card tonight, and will be entering tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration on this one.
    Karen L

  2. Bummer! I finally posted my angel card (created especially for this challenge) and I missed the closing. Sorry! I sure will try to play along next time. You can still see my angel card if you'd like to.
    Karen Letchworth

    1. Hi Karen! Happy New Year!!! So sorry you missed the challenge closing, but would love to see your angel card. :)